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History of KPS

Brief History of Kareela

In the 1960s, the area bounded on the north by Oyster Bay; Oyster Creek and Carvers Road to the west; Garnet Road to the south; and a large reserve and Oyster Bay foreshores to the east, now known as Kareela, was to be called Sylvanbrae.

Holt Sutherland Co Pty. Ltd. proposed the development of the land in 1965 and suggested the name Sylvanbrae, for, as it was described, the central plateau between Oyster Bay and Oyster Creek. The company planned to set aside areas for a modern drive-in shopping centre, a school and parks. A swimming pool and marina were also proposed along with 550 homes in the 165 acre site. By 1967, a total of six names had been suggested for the new suburb, until the headlines eventually read 'Multi-Million Dollar Estate To Be Kareela.'

Kareela comes from the Aboriginal word 'Kari-Kari' meaning fast. The southerly winds in the area are usually very strong, hence 'Kareela' meaning south wind (fast wind). Alternatively, Kareela is also said to mean "place of trees and water".

History of Our School

November 1969 - Sutherland Shire's newest suburb was announced. It was reported that a primary school would be completed in the estate by 1971. 

February 1975 - It was reported that six classrooms, a library, administrative facilities, food service unit and shelter would be built. It was anticipated the project would be completed by the beginning of the 1976 school year. 

January 1976 - A delay in the opening of the school for the first day of the school year occurred. The expected initial enrolment was for up to 200 children (Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 only). Children enrolled in Kareela Public School were advised to report to the Infants' Department of Oyster Bay School on the first day of the school year, until the new accomodation was ready.

February 1976 - Mr Bruce Green appointed as Principal and Mrs Roma Brown appointed as Infants' Mistress.

The first staff meeting at KPS was held.

P&C election of officers and proposed voluntary family donation of $30 per year was endorsed.

March 1976 - Kareela Public School opened as an Infants' Department with 7 teachers and 154 students in two Kindergarten, two Year 1 & two Year 2 classes.

1977 - Establishment of a Primary Department at Kareela Public School (Year 3).

1978 - Seven new teachers and 100 additional students enrolled in 12 classes.

April 1980 - Mr W. Robb, State MP, Labor Miranda, announced a State Government grant of $642,000 to complete the stage 2 building of the project. The new buildings included 10 classrooms, a hall, a clinic, extensions to the library and general improvement to the library.

August 1980 - First Kareela Public School Sports Carnival held at Sutherland Oval.

October 1980 - Official Opening of Kareela Public School. At this time the school had an enrolment of 551 students.

Community use of school hall by 'Sylvan Academy of Dance' (Pam Fisher) and The Southern Cross Baptist Church. 

January 1981 - Miss Wilma Cook appointed Principal. 

August 1982 - KPS had 13 primary and 9 infants' classes, 24 full time teachers and an enrolment of 640 students.

1986 - 10 Year Anniversary celebrations.

January 1989 - Mrs Maureen Reeve appointed Principal.

October 1989 - 'The Wilma Cook Memorial Library' naming ceremony.

1995 - Establishment of class for children with autism. Teachers: Bronwyn Walsh and Fay Gray. Teachers Aides: Pam Tricket and Trudy Lyons.

Establishment of Before and After School Care.

1996 - 20 Year Anniversary celebrations.

1997 - Mr John Esther appointed Principal.

1998 - Establishment of the school computer network.

2003 - Mrs Margaret Turner appointed Principal.

2006 - 30 Year Anniversary celebrations.

2011 - David O'Connell appointed Principal.

November 2011 - 'National School Pride - School refurbishments' and 'Primary Schools for the 21st Century - New classrooms (current Year 6 rooms) and refurbished library' grant projects opened.

2016 - 40 Year Anniversary celebrations.

2018 - Nicole Arnold appointed Principal.

March 2018 - Kareela Colour Dash.

2019 - All classrooms installed with air conditioning thanks to tireless efforts from the school community and P&C committee.

Stage 3 classrooms transformed into flexible learning spaces.

2020 - Introduction of the 'Positive Behavior for Learning' (PBL) framework. 

March 2020 - Schooling didn't look as it usually did. KPS and the rest of the world began learning from home through a screen thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. First 'Virtual Open Day.' 

2021 - Another whole term of learning from home as the Covid-19 pandemic returned!

2022 - The very first Kareela Public School 'Mini' Musical performance of 'The Wizard of Oz' at GTHS.

2023 - NEW play equipment installed thanks to the efforts of our P&C association and a genrous donation from the NSW State Government.

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