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Student wellbeing

Student wellbeing at Kareela Public School:

• encompasses everything the school community does to meet the social, emotional, physical  and learning needs of the students;  

• incorporates effective discipline;  

• incorporates wellbeing and social programs;  

• is supported by the Positive Behaviour for Learning Framework; and  

• creates a safe learning and nurturing environment where all students can achieve their  potential  

All members of our school community are responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of our students. 

Students will: 

• adhere to the Behaviour Code for Students as stated by the Department of  Education;  

• be actively aware and comply with the school expectations of appropriate behaviour; and 

• engage in learning opportunities that enhance their wellbeing.  

Parents will: 

• support the school in the implementation of the Student Wellbeing Policy; 

• be encouraged to support the principles of the policy at home; and  

• communicate with school staff in regard to their child’s wellbeing and circumstances which  may influence this behaviour.  

Staff will: 

• support the effective implementation of the Student Wellbeing Policy;  

• communicate with parents/carers in regard to the wellbeing of their child; 

• teach Positive Behaviour for Learning, anti‐bullying, drug education, road safety, cyber safety  and child protection programs.