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Positive Behaviour for Learning

At Kareela Public School, we use Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) – a whole-school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and develop. Our whole school community works together to establish expected behaviours and teach them to all students.

Staff are dedicated to modelling and teaching our three PBL expectactions of respect, responsibility and learning in a safe and positive environment.  

The KPS PBL Matrix illustrates the expectations of students’ behaviour and actions in a variety of educational settings.


Visual reminders of our PBL matrix are displayed in each setting around our school for teachers and students to refer to.

Specific PBL lessons on the expectations within each setting are also taught to support students at school.

Recognising and Reinforcing Student Achievement and Behaviour

Teachers at Kareela Public School regularly reinforce and acknowledge appropriate student behaviour in a timely and authentic manner.

Our award system aligns with the core values of PBL, which suggests that instead of recognising negative behaviours, teachers should reward students who are displaying the expected behaviours.

TK Tokens

The TK Tokens are a ‘fast and frequent’ way for teachers to acknowledge positive behaviour at KPS. Students are given a token that matches their corresponding house which they can need deposit into the token collector. The house with the most amount of tokens at the end of the term is given a reward.

Bronze Awards

Each fortnight, teachers award 2 x 'Student of the Week' and 2 x 'PBL' Bronze Awards which are presented at assembly. An additional Library and Science Award are presented for each stage.

Silver Awards

Silver awards are earnt by collecting 3 Bronze Awards.

Gold Awards

Gold awards are earnt by collecting 3 Silver Awards. 

School Medallion

A school medallion is presented on our annual Presentation Day to students who have collected 3 Gold Awards. This is an excellent achievement that is highly regarded within our school community.

Other forms of Recognition

Students consistently receive verbal praise for following our school expectations in class, on the playground and at assembly. 

Students receive 50 nights, 100 nights and 200 nights of home reading awards at assembly in recognition of their commitment to home reading.

Students receive awards at Presentation Day/Performing Arts Night/Sports Assemblies that recognise academic/sporting achievement, consistent effort across a variety of school settings, class citizenship and committment to performing arts.

Students in Year 6 are also eligble for special awards that are presented on Presentation Day each year. These include:

  • School Dux
  • Academic Excellence
  • The Margaret Turner – Passion for learning Award
  • The Maureen Reeve – Enthusiasm in Creative & Performing Arts Award
  • The John Esther – Outstanding Achievement in Technology Award
  • The Bruce Green Achiever – Outstanding effort in learning Award
  • The Wilma Cook Citizenship Award
  • The ANSTO Science Award

Negative Behaviour Management Flowchart

A consistent, school-wide, fair system is in place for managing negative behaviours at Kareela Public School. Our approach is a restorative practice and encourages students to reflect on their behaviour.

Teachers refer to the flowchart and ensure open communication with parents and carers to support our students.